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Into The Darkness Into The Darkness

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Like the arrangement and whole feel with the backstory.
instruments after a point sound monotonous.
Working on the dynamics on the brass/instrument and bass will make it sound like a moving progression.
Anyways awesome work.

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siteml responds:

Thanks for the great feedback!

To be honest, I consider it a miracle I even managed to make it work in such a short time, especially considering my relative lack of experience in darker themes. The fact that I didn't spend more time fine tuning it was a result of several factors:
- I didn't want to spend more time on this project if it turned out to be unusable, as it was making me uncomfortable. I tend to listen to the piece repeatedly as I make it, to make sure everything fits as I like it to. You can imagine the mental and emotional effect of this ;P
- I've always struggled with dynamics - I tend to focus more on the melodies and harmonies which often leaves something to be desired in other 'departments'.
- I wrote this piece while considering possibly extending it later. I've noticed that when I apply a high degree of polish too early in the making of a piece, it sets the bar so high that I get discouraged and fearful of not living up to that standard when/if I continue. If I were to estimate, I complete maybe 10% of ideas I start with, and a lot of that stems from this very problem. The whole challenge project was my idea of testing whether I can force myself to pull through when failure is not an option and timely completion is important. Spoiler alert! I can :D

Anyway, thanks again! I always enjoy receiving constructive criticism as it often allows me to get a fresh view from someone else's perspective and hone my skills where they may be lacking!

Should I Love Again? - Part 1 - AM Should I Love Again? - Part 1 - AM

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing work on the dynamics and feel.
Hope you finish rest of the parts soon.

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RoderickMason responds:

Thank you! I hope so too, but this 3 part series will be based on how my relationship progresses with someone... so it may be later rather sooner, as relationships that are worth growing, usually do so at a slower pace :)
Again, really appreciate your comment; thank you! Have a wonderful rest of the year and hope your new years will be filled with content :D

Adam Joseph - Spaceships Adam Joseph - Spaceships

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good music mate!